The Special NVC Practice Group

Deepen Your "Giraffe" Knowledge


6x6 The Special NVC Practice Group

You already have experience with Nonviolent Communication and now want to stay engaged, delve deeper, or just “practice” to …

clarify open questions?
apply NVC more confidently in your daily life?
prepare for or follow up on challenging situations?
bring more fun and ease into your life together with other NVC enthusiasts?

To this end, we now offer you the 6 x 6 practice group, where everything you want to deepen “giraffe-style” has a place.


16.09./ 21.10./ 18.11./ 16.12.2024/ 20.01./ 17.02.2025 each from 18:30 - 21:00

Seminar Fee

190 € (self-paying individuals)
173 € (early bird price for self-paying individuals)
266 € (corporate clients)


Registration is done through Akademie Blickwinkel.