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We are bumbleflies

We are Chris, Chris again, and Sebastian, the bumbleflies. Our name is a nod to the two phenomena of Open Space: the bumblebees, representing the spread of ideas, and the butterflies, symbolizing the beautiful and unexpected. As part of the organizing team for the Open Space Scrum Munich event, we have gathered extensive experience and are ready to pass on this knowledge.

With bumbleflies UG, we offer organizations support in the implementation of the Open Space format. We believe that Open Space is a powerful tool for collaboration and knowledge exchange and want to advance the idea together with you. Thats why we not only offer the organization of Open Spaces, but also training and workshops to assist companies and organizations in implementing Open Space.

We are convinced that everyone can benefit from the open and participatory working method that Open Space enables, and we look forward to sharing our passion for Open Space and an open, collaborative work culture with you.

We are bumbleflies

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Christian D瓣hn


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Sebastian Keller


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We love Open Space! We bring together the experience of more than 200 large group facilitation.