A Two-day In-person Class

Understanding and Implementing FAST Agile

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Course Overview

This two-day, in-person, instructor-led, activity-based class is geared to deeply understanding Fluid Scaling Technology (FAST). It will cover FASTs what, why, and how, including how to start and common pitfalls to avoid.

The style of this class will follow a plan but not in a highly controlled or structured way. Instead, we will allow for the groups interests and needs to determine the content and pace - and allow for emergence.

If you have problems registering for an event, contact us at trainings@bumbleflies.de

What Will be Covered

FaST at its Core

What is FAST
Flow Cycle
Dynamic Reteaming and how it plays out

Things to Help Make FAST Work (Non-core Components)

Modern Product Management
Visualizing Work (and Complexity)
Forecasting Mechanisms
Reflect and Improve in a dynamic reteaming environment
Self-management and New Ways of Working (Teal)
Small scale, Large Scale, Portfolio Scale FAST

Where to Start

Small or Large Scale?
Building a Collective
Experiments and Methods to introduce and start a FAST experiment in your org
Pitfalls to look out for & what can kill your experiment
FAST as a Replacement for Scrum
FAST and SAFe?

Why FAST Works, is So Different to Everything Else, And Why It is Needed Today

Network Organizational Theory
Dynamic Teaming
Wisdom of crowds, Collective Intelligence
The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
Business Adaptability